The Sad Reality of It All!!!

by Ms Diligence on 10/10/16

My intent and efforts are to diligently seek to try to address a particular matter, whereby my words are prayerfully and hopefully conveyed to every growing teen girl that is not supposed to be on Facebook, even though they are, as well as, every young woman, along with all gracefully maturing women. Hopefully, I will not get my Facebook shut down, or get into any legal troubles for expressing my thoughts, based on what's already been stated by a professional man, because I care about how people treat other people. I also care about what's happening in our country because of so many injustices, based on power. Hopefully, you will be able to understand my point that it's not about you agreeing with my point; it’s about you respecting it! My point is about a presidential candidate openly devaluing a woman on tape, which is now public!

I am of the hope that my thoughts will enforce women to embrace and learn to sense their own individual self-worth, as a free American, United States-born citizen, and consumer, regardless of their race, creed, color, gender, status, positions, or culture.

Ok! Here goes! Firstly, allow me to share this fact: it's not that I consider myself to be political or religious, it is that I am a person, who senses that my thoughts matter, concerning the daily injustices of women, as well as the fact that I daily seek to strengthen my relationship with God.

I really cannot believe the recent event of words stated by Republican presidential candidate, Mr. Donald J. Trump, yet I shall embrace this opportunity to share the importance of my thoughts, concerning his recent words, whereby God is given all of the glory!

More importantly, I am not trying to address or convey my thoughts from a judgmental point of view. I can assure you that I am not perfect, and that I indeed have my own crosses to bear.

I am in fact addressing and seeking to share my thoughts and opinions, as a woman concerned with the constant facts as it relates to the demeaning, degrading and overall devaluing of baby-girls, teen-girls, young women, and gracefully maturing women, which is how I describe myself, "maturing gracefully", regardless of my health issues and circumstances of which I am sick of being sick; my faith stands in this test.

With that said, I do understand the apology that was given, yet I also understand the intentional, insurmountable degradation of women, which the presidential candidate continues to sense it is acceptable, when it's not! It is very offensive, serves no purpose, and holds no worth. By no means does it take a rocket scientist to know when in fact I am being intentionally insulted by a man's words and/or actions. God made all female anatomies unique, and it's up to the individual woman to embrace her beauty; God gives us a choice, as to how we embrace our own uniqueness as individual women.

Moreover, I do forgive this presidential candidate because God commands me too. Yet, I cannot get this off of my mind - the continuous words and actions that seek to attack and trample women with no fore-thought of how it's conveyed, or the long term effects that they may have on the individual woman.

I am also concerned about these continuous comments against women by the professional man, due to the fact that I also have beautiful, young, growing granddaughters, whom each has her own unique abilities that God affords them, and it's up to them to understand and seek to try and convey their stances peacefully, whereby they learn to share their thoughts in ways that will assist in helping to bring about peaceful change, as they grow and embrace their choices, whether good or bad; they must also learn to understand that there are consequences to whatever choices they may encounter as they grow, becoming women.

Yes, the statements and words that I heard, myself, quietly pissed me off as a woman to hear a man, a presidential candidate, devalue a woman so strongly.

Furthermore, I strongly sensed a greater need to diligently share and convey my thoughts, based on the facts of my own personal experiences in and of the reality of learning in 2013 that I was dealing with a "NARCISSIST", and from that point, my research on narcissism began; and no, it has not stopped, and prayerfully my studies will not stop, concerning this most devastating word, as well as the constant, cunning, mental abuse associated with it, as well as the aftermath that an individual, a woman, is mentally left to deal with even though this also can apply to men. Although I am not trying to minimize the trials of men, concerning narcissism, I am trying to convey my thoughts based on women and the men that seek female targets to demean and devalue for their own self-gratifications.

I am not trying to imply that this male, presidential candidate, is a narcissist, I am simply stating that I cannot see where it serves the purpose, "WORTH", or "POSITIVE" respect of energy, when it was all stated to demean, trample, devalue, and demean the overall character of a woman - women. This tape has already been heard, and the arrogant grandiose tone of the statements and overall descriptions, as to what the Republican presidential candidate had to say, is quite clear as to his dynamics and the fact that he sensed he could F_ _K a married woman, based on furniture, etc. That was indeed insulting to me; the entirety of the words expressed and based on my research, indeed reminds me of a true narcissist.

In all humility, I refuse to be dysfunctional for someone's warped views, which whom is seeking to be commander-in-chief of the United States of America, while continuously seeking to demean, devalue, and/or degrade God's strong, beautiful daughters/women, regardless of their race, creed, color, gender, position or status.

I can assure you that I, as well as ALL WOMEN, have plenty to offer the world, based on our own uniqueness - other than seeking to have a man think and state that he has the ability to say he can  F_ _K a strong woman, based on the purchase of furniture. I can tell you this in my case, the devil is a liar! Now, don't get it twisted, men, be assured that as a woman, I, along with many other women, have the capabilities of purchasing our own furniture without being demeaned or F_ _KED! Gosh, this makes me sick! I can still hear him talking, and I can only think about how a man may have smeared me to justify his ego and his actions of narcissism.

Moreover, I also strongly sense that it's all in how any woman chooses or has chosen to embrace her uniqueness. Therefore, a woman can survive the psychological and extreme pathological abuse of a man’s demeaning, devaluing stance with others going along with them, breeding hatred until the truth is revealed, concerning their evil, inner male weakness of an emotional, dysfunctional anatomy. And the ones that went along with them, they seek to withdraw their support of the predator after the fact. With that said, the importance of this matter is the fact that this man is running for the presidency. I refuse to minimize this type of demeaning, devaluing, and disrespectful behavior, because I have learned quite well through my own personal experiences that this type of behavior, concerning that of a narcissist’s smear campaign, as well as, their ability to triangulate others in spreading their pity-party of being the victim, when in fact their victimizer has no respect for diversities of race, status, positions, or outward appearance.

May God Help Us All!!!

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